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Privacy Policy

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Greetings and welcome to the website. We value the importance of online privacy to our website users, particularly while engaging in business activities. This statement outlines the privacy policies that apply to two types of users on the website: Visitors who only browse the site, and Authorised Customers who register and use the services provided by TekBulb.
This pertains to any data that can be utilized to recognize, communicate with, or find the individual to whom the data relates, such as their name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, financial records, social security number, and credit card details. Information that is collected without identifying the individual user or demographic information that is not linked to an identified individual is not considered to be Personally Identifiable Information.
We utilize Personally Identifiable Information in order to personalize the website, provide relevant services, and fulfill purchasing and selling requests made on the website. We have the option to send emails to Visitors and Authorised Customers regarding research or potential buying and selling opportunities on the website, as well as information that is relevant to the content of the website. We might also utilize Personally Identifiable Information to reach out to Visitors and Authorised Customers regarding specific inquiries or to supply the requested information.
The personally identifiable information that is gathered by TekBulb is kept in a secure manner and is not accessible to any third parties or employees of TekBulb, except for the purposes mentioned earlier.
Visitors and Authorised Customers have the option to refuse receiving unwanted information or being contacted by us, our vendors, and affiliated agencies by following the instructions provided in emails or by reaching out to us at

TekBulb has control over the data. We simply gather basic personal data from you, excluding any specific types of personal information or location-based details. However, if you provide us with it, this does include your name, company address, company email, job title, and mobile telephone number. We monitor your engagement with our website, including our forms and email correspondence.
We use your personal information to offer services for you and/or your company, as well as to provide you with relevant offers and information. We will only gather the necessary personal information required to offer and monitor this service, and we will not request any additional data from you.
Our staff members within the company have access to this information in order to provide you with our services quickly and professionally. Every staff member has their own login that is taken away when they no longer work for our company. We refrain from utilizing your data for making automated decisions or creating profiles.
This information is saved in databases using various data processors such as Hubspot CRM, Google, Microsoft Contacts, Zoho, and Stripe in both the US and Europe. Your personal data is only accessible to Third Parties if it is permitted by the law.
According to UK tax regulations, we must retain your essential personal information (such as your name, address, and contact details) for at least 6 years, after which it will be permanently deleted. We maintain your data as we stay connected with you through email, phone, or postal communication. Your personal data is not given to other companies, and you have the option to stop receiving emails by contacting
Marketing automation is a software tool or platform used to streamline and automate marketing tasks and processes. This technology allows businesses to more efficiently manage and track their campaigns, automate repetitive tasks, and personalize customer experiences.
We utilize Hubspot CRM System as our marketing automation platform, which adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has passed certification for compliance with both the EU-U.S.
The Privacy Shield agreement between Switzerland and the United States. This text refers to the Privacy Shield agreements that allow for the legal transfer of personal data from the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) to the United States (U.S.). in accordance with their Privacy Shield Certification. The information you provide on this website may be sent to the CRM System for processing, following their Privacy Policy and Terms. Your personal data is not accessible to any third parties unless permitted by law.

Hubspot gathers a range of information, as specified below, for the purpose of running our business and for the legitimate interests of our business, such as marketing, within the confines of applicable law. This information may consist of:
Whenever a user utilizes or engages with our website, or taps on a hyperlink that guides them to our website, the user's browser instinctively furnishes, and we instinctively gather and retain, specific details regarding the user's device (such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone) and their actions.
• The numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network, identifying and allowing communication between devices.
• Approximate geographical data: the geographic position obtained from the IP address.
• Technical details include information on the device type, the operating system's name and version, the manufacturer of the device, details of the browser (type and version), and the screen resolution.

We gather this information to ensure the CRM System operates correctly. This data cannot be associated with a particular individual until the user becomes a "lead".

The data produced through the utilization of a CRM system also incorporates:
Details concerning the utilization of the website including the date and time of access, the website's URL that was viewed, and the URL of the webpage visited immediately prior to accessing our website.

The past records of our website's engagement: pages accessed, duration spent on each page, navigating through link clicks, and the sequence of clicks; inquiries made, the recorded search history, the search results chosen; provided comments, the type of requested service, and completed purchases.We gather this information in order to comprehend the usage patterns of our website and generate statistical data about its usage. This data cannot be associated with a particular person until the user becomes a "lead".
When a visitor engages with us, such as by seeking information about a product or service, they are considered a lead. In these scenarios, we will gather the information that is given to us through a form or questionnaire that is used to submit a request, or through any contact or additional information that is provided. over a phone conversation or face-to-face interaction. The data is given willingly and personally by the person.

• Initial and Surname
• Business name
• Electronic mail address
• Location details including street address, city, state, province, and/or country
• Phone number
• The address or location of a website on the internet.
• Social Media Links
• Contact number of a mobile device.

We gather this information to analyze sales and marketing activities, enabling us to respond to leads' inquiries and furnish them with relevant details and insights about our Service. Refer to the section titled "what are your rights" below.
We obtain data from external sources such as directories and other third-party data providers. In certain situations, like the case of LinkedIn, the individuals themselves have willingly made their profile public on the platform. Therefore, it is assumed that these individuals no longer consider this information as private and it can be used by TekBulb for their legitimate interest in understanding potential customers.

In situations where it is uncertain whether individuals have willingly shared the information with the public, we acquire this data from the providers, who guarantee that the user has given consent for its collection and sharing. Alternatively, we may collect the information if it is available in public records and deemed permissible to gather.
We gather data from social media platforms that you have chosen to utilize in order to access our website or applications, following the privacy guidelines of these social media services.
The rights given by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are applicable to individuals residing in the European Union and European Economic Area (EU/EEA), but these rights may have certain restrictions.
The right to refuse or retract consent.

We might need your consent to process specific personal information. In cases where we ask for your consent, you have the option to decline or retract your consent whenever you want. If you decide to revoke your consent, it will not impact the legality of any previous processing that was carried out based on your consent.

Access rights indicate the entitlement to obtain or retrieve various information or resources.
You are entitled to verify if we gather or handle any personal information about you, and if so, you have the right to ask for a digital copy of that information.

You are entitled to request that we fix any incorrect personal information about you, and that we fill in any missing personal information.
The concept of the Right to be Forgotten is about individuals having the right to request the removal of their personal information from online platforms.
You have the option to retract your agreement whenever you want by notifying us through email at, allowing us to eliminate your information from our records. We will make every effort to remove you within 30 days of receiving your email. Due to the presence of backups and records of deletions, completely erasing a Visitor's entry may be difficult as it leaves behind some residual information. Nonetheless, this residual information will be effectively deleted, and we guarantee that we will not utilize or share any information pertaining to that particular individual in the future.

To obtain additional information about your rights, please go to:

We will inform our Visitors and Authorised Customers about any modifications to our privacy policy by publishing these changes on our website. However, if we modify our privacy policy in a way that may lead to the revelation of Personally Identifiable Information that a Visitor or Authorized Customer has previously chosen to keep private, we will get in touch with that Visitor or Authorized Customer to provide an opportunity to prevent such disclosure.
TekBulb has established and will maintain collaborations and affiliations with various vendors. These vendors might have access to specific personal information in order to assess whether Authorized Customers are eligible for certain services. Their collection or use of this information is not included in our privacy policy. The sharing of personal information that can identify individuals as required by legal obligations. We will provide Personally Identifiable Information if required by a court order, summons, or a law enforcement agency's request to disclose information.
The website includes hyperlinks to other web pages. Please be aware that by clicking on any of these links, you will be directed to a different website. We recommend that you take the time to review the privacy statements of these linked websites since their privacy policies may vary from ours.

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